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The Boy Who Couldn't Talk: Haystack Chronicles

By Anna Elizabeth Judd

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The Boy Who Couldn't Talk is an excellent book for audiences of all ages and experiences.  From those familiar with western life, to new cowpokes, an imaginative tale brilliantly unfolds right before your very eyes. 

Anna Elizabeth Judd exuberantly brings the images and sentiments of the west to full life through the eyes of a young horse...Haystack.  Haystack experiences a flurry of emotions typically reserved for humans.  Yet Judd compartmentalizes the keen, if not curious, mind of a child all the way through to maturity, and it is through these glasses we are treated to an amazing, inspirational story. 

As Haystack develops throughout the story, we are treated to life in the west and the relationship between trainer and horse.  Educating anyone unfamiliar with western culture is one purpose of Judd's book.  Yet, at the core of Judd's work is the special relationship between Haystack, and Adam...the boy who couldn't talk.  This partnership cemented one final aspect of The Boy Who Couldn't Talk, the role of God in our lives, prompting Judd's work as a must read!

The Boy Who Couldn't Talk is a special work, regardless of one's age or experiences.  

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ISBN: 978-1648731051

Book Length: 0-60 Pages