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Westward Wanderers Book 1: Where He Leads

By ANGELA Castillo

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Ami Kent couldn't live in her pampered, luxurious world for another day. 

Bernard Regent demanded her hand in marriage, leaving her no choice in the matter. No choice but to escape. 

When desperate Martha Davis reveals her need for a mother's helper on the trail, Ami knows it's her only way to freedom. But schooner life is hardly a tea party. With the sunset always before her, she carries on. 

Can her faith (and handsome trail scout, Shiloh Talon,) help her through?

Ride along for an unforgettable adventure in the wilderness that was the Oregon Trail.

A complete story with NO cliffhangers.

"A wonderful unforgettable western historical story"–Amazon Reviewer

"Amethyst and Shiloh came to life and I felt as if I was part of their dangerous journey, fascinated with their personal and individual challenges. I enjoyed it! Recommend!"–Amazon Reviewer

"I was constantly wondering what would happen next."–Amazon Reviewer

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