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The Gray Apostle: Mission of the Messiah

By Edward Barr

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The Gray Apostle: Mission of the Messiah is based on the biblical events of Jesus’s ministry, from birth to his passion and death.  The action is pitted between two groups, the occupying Roman forces led by ruthless intelligence officers, and youngsters guided by the mysterious gray apostle. The Roman officer who will be a thorn in the side of both Jesus’ ministry is a counterintelligence officer who runs undercover operations to maintain the Pax Romana.  He is opposed by another shadowy figure who supports Jesus’ mission, the gray apostle.  He guides three young Jewish children (Jonathan, Sapphira, and Ananias) who are drawn to Jesus by different paths, all converging under the leadership of the gray apostle.  They are trained in intelligence operations and conduct missions behind the scenes in support of Jesus’ mission.  

The action tracks the events of Jesus’ life from the youngsters’ perspective.  They confront opposition to Jesus from both the Romans and many Jewish leaders.  They assist the mission that culminates when Jesus enters Jerusalem.  Roman intelligence forces seek to monitor and crush Jesus and his followers along the way.  They recruit key players (Judas, Caiaphas) and manipulate others (Pilate) to ensure the harsh Roman peace.  After the youngsters think they have succeeded in their mission they are horrified by the Crucifixion.  It is up to the gray apostle to bring clarity to the shocking event.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Edward Barr