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Krampus Sir

By Kessily Lewel

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He's the embodiment of punishment looking for a mate. She's a shallow brat with dreams of influencer fame. Can they learn to love each other in just one year?

When Krampus chooses her from among all the naughty people in the world, he has more than the usual year of punishment in mind. This time he's looking for a mate. A woman who will thrive under his harsh discipline and learn to love him because of it.

When Nia's lies and self-centered behavior hurt the people around her, she ends up on his naughty list. Now she'll learn what it's like to have her dignity stripped away one painful punishment at a time. But at the end of the year she'll have a choice to make. Return to her life a better person ... or remain with the immortal Dominant permanently as his mate.

The Krampus Collective
Once he was a solitary immortal. A creature out of nightmare. The embodiment of punishment. As humanity grew and spread across the globe, he split apart to keep the balance. Now there are twelve. Connected but individual, they carry out the duties of Krampus by punishing the wicked.

The tears and cries of pain from their victims sustain them. But this time it's different. It's time for each of them to choose a mate. To find that one naughty sinner who fits their unique preferences. For the first time their discipline will be tempered with mercy and care.They each have one year to find love with the human they choose. One year to convince that mate to stay. One year to punish, train, and cherish.

Each book will stand alone. Every story will be unique.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages