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Overlord's Possession (Kalodian Masters Book 1)

By Melody Adams

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Three months ago, giant spaceships appeared over every major city
around the globe. Panic broke out. UFO fanatics celebrated welcome
parties. But it became clear quickly, the aliens were not coming with
peaceful intentions. Every government on Earth mobilized all the forces
and weapons they had at their disposal to fight off the enemy. The war
lasted only three days. Three days until humanity was forced to
surrender to the Kalodians.
Country borders were dissolved. Instead,
the entire world is now divided into administrative districts, each with
a Kalodian overlord. They divided humanity into three categories.
Slaves. Feeders. And Breeders. The world as we knew it no longer exists.
got my assignment. I am a Feeder now. And to none other than our new
overlord, Bael Nawjarro. The thought of being available as a living
blood bank to the cruel vampire alien triggers revulsion and fear in me.
But it's also an opportunity for the secret resistance organization my
brothers belong to, to gather information and take out our overlord. But
things get complicated when my new master is hungry for more than just
my blood. As much as I hate him and his race, it gets harder with each
passing day to resist the handsome monster's erotic charisma. I cannot
fail. The future of humanity may depend on my mission. If only my body
would listen to my mind.

Trigger warning

This is a Dark
Alien Romance. The story contains triggers such as dub-con, torture,
killings and degradations. If such material makes you uncomfortable,
this book is not for you.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Melody Adams