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An Intimate Liberation

By Marie Silva

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A passionate and illicit affair awakens the sexual fire of a repressed man and an untouched woman.

Moving to a small town in Vermont was a fresh start for Sarah Clarke, an author struggling with writer's block. The reason for the change of scenery was to focus on her manuscript, but an innocent dinner party connects her to a man, who starts to dominate her sexual fantasies. She’s instantly drawn to the local priest and her lustful desire for him leads her into forbidden territory.  

It was a time of crisis for Father Ben Michaels, a man deeply devoted to his faith. Recent doubts make him question his dedication. His quiet, orderly life is suddenly upended by the arrival of a mysterious woman to his town. He becomes enthralled by her and cannot resist the temptation to live a double life of being a good shepherd and pursuing sinful passion. 

What starts out as lustful infatuation blossoms into an erotic journey that will end in an intimate liberation.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Marie Silva