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Stubborn Little Miss

By Nichole Rose

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I swear this is the last time I will ever let my friends get me into trouble. When we made a pact to conquer our greatest fears, I never thought it would land me on a stage, in a real live, honest to goodness Las Vegas strip club, wearing a freaking teeny tiny scrap of material. Oh, this is so bad. I have all the grace and elegance of a drunken wildebeest when I attempt to dance, and 
I'm about to do a striptease in front of a room full of drunk men. Make that mobsters.

Leave it to me to stumble into the middle of an organized crime convention. Oh my. My vacation has taken a turn for the unimaginable. I'm definitely in trouble here.


One look at the curvy little angel on stage and I immediately know two things. Make that three things. One, she's never removed her clothes in front of a room full of men. Two, there's no way I'm letting her strip tonight. And most importantly, after I spank my little soulmate, I'm going to lay down the law—No stripping, no other men, and no running around in little slips of nothing, letting other men see my property.

Marco Dean has his work cut out for him when he decides to make Tabitha his. The stubborn little miss is going to give the big bad mob boss a run for his money.

If you like billionaire, mob boss, curvy girl, older man, and younger woman romance, this Loni Ree short instalove is the book for you!

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Nichole Rose