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Mad Dog

By Ophelia Bell

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The last time I saw Maddox “Mad Dog” Santos was the day my cartel boss father had his favorite thug beat him into submission for daring to touch me. That was more than a decade ago. Now he’s back from the military, dark and damaged and sexier than he has any right to be, doing tattoos for the local criminal underground. We could have a second chance, but I know I should stay away, for his sake, and my own sanity.

Except I have this habit of wanting to get close to men I shouldn’t. Men like Mad Dog Santos. And men like Leo Reyes.

Leo is just my bodyguard, but when he steps in front of a bullet to save my life, everything changes. Mad Dog comes to our rescue, and when the two of them are together, I see the way Mad Dog looks at Leo. It’s the same way they both look at me.

My proposal is simple: Leo can have me however he wants, but he has to submit to Mad Dog first. Admitting these dark desires to each other just as dangerous as the criminal business we're in, but I need to close this little love triangle before it kills us.

Mad Dog is the first book in the Second Skin organized crime romance series. It features a bisexual hero with a dark past who gets both the other guy and the girl. Although all books in the Second Skin world can be read as standalones, you won’t want to miss the rest. A steamy romance with explicit love scenes and strong language, a happily ever after is always guaranteed. Enjoy!


Book Length: 320-650 Pages


Ophelia Bell