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By Lucia Jordan

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Will Joanna be able to seduce the man she loves or will she fall for his mysterious and drop dead gorgeous friend instead?

For years Joanna’s been secretly in love with her best friend Trent. So when he invites her to Aspen for two weeks on an all-expenses-paid vacation, she hopes the naturally romantic backdrop of snow-capped mountains and logwood fires will lead something more. Little does Joanna know that Zack Weston—Trent’s friend who owns the chalet and is paying for the whole trip—has other ideas…

Zack has never been able to get Joanna out of his mind since the very first time he saw her as she visited his friend Trent years ago at Yale. He knows that Joanna still lusts after Trent, but he also knows that things haven’t progressed beyond friendship between the two.

One way or another, Zack is determined to shake things up. But this time, will he finally claim the woman he desires?


Book Length: 0-60 Pages