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Counts of Eight (The Four Families Book 1)

By Brynn Ford

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Three years ago, Anya was taken, stolen by a cruel master and forced to dance as a talent slave for one of the four families. She was given partners to dance with, but none of them met her master's high expectations...not until Ezra. The two captive dancers are given only one choice in their story of love against all odds...dance or die.

The Four Families is a continuation trilogy following the same couple in their fight for love and freedom from captivity.

It's a dark romance series that meets all of your twisted expectations: villains that are dark, demented, and downright cruel; a rising Alpha male forced into captivity and submission; a kick-ass heroine surviving insurmountable odds; tragic love that prevails through the darkest of times

The books are not standalone and must be read in order. "Counts of Eight" is book 1. "Dance with Death" is book 2. "Pas de Trois" is book 3 and will be released on January 12, 2021.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages