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Coveted by the Billionaire

By Stacy Kristen

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Coveted by the Billionaire: A CEO Romance
Landing a job at Pryce Enterprises is like winning the lottery. Everybody tries, but there’s only one winner. I, Gabrielle Hernandez, was just hired as the executive assistant to Ethan Pryce—yes that Pryce. The man who owns the whole damn company. People say he’s cold, shrewd, aloof. When he interviewed me, I didn’t get that vibe at all. Shrewd and aloof maybe, but not cold. All I know is that he likes to be in control. But he doesn’t intimidate me. I am a strong, independent woman. And I plan to stay that way. At least that was the plan…

As the CEO of Pryce Enterprises, my day is filled with meetings and business dealings. I took over the company a few years ago, after my brother wasn’t interested. Which is just fine, because I’ve made the company worth billions. When Gabrielle Hernandez is hired as my executive assistant, I try, in vain, to ignore my attraction to her. But day in and day out, my feelings grow stronger. I want to reveal my feelings, but I’m scared she’ll hate me. Or worse, reject me. Or hell, she could even sue me. But she doesn’t. Our love and passion burns hotter than the sun. Our story is one for eternity.

No Cheating
Workplace Romance
Billionaire Romance
C.E.O. Romance


Book Length: 60-150 Pages


Stacy Kristen