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Marked by Sin

By Shanna Swenson

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By day...

I, Eden Riser, am a timid librarian. 

By night...

I become Madam Roxie, superstar of the gentlemen's club I'm the owner of—RISE. 

This is my story… 

All my sisters now have their happily ever afters, just like the novels I tend to wrap myself in to escape the scars of my past. I know love will never find me. Not that I even deserve it... But deep down, I still want it. Quietly hiding behind a mask and glasses these past ten years has been easy for this ruined soul with enough sinful skeletons to fill a whole closet. The problem is that it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep my feelings hidden...and to keep my two identities separate—even if it's been as much for safety as for anonymity. Especially when larger-than-life public figure and celebrity book model, Callan Manning enters the picture. 

Will unraveling secrets be what destroys us both or is love strong enough to pardon even my darkest sins?

Callan Manning​

Yeah, I’m a public figure who takes more selfies of my biceps than I probably should. But this narcissist has a big heart hidden beneath my bulky frame. I’m a caregiver for my nephew with cerebral palsy, and I love my life, but something is missing… 

The minute I saw Roxie on that stage, I knew I had to have her, in whatever way I could. But her idea of sexual torment took me to a whole new level of submission I wasn’t accustomed to. There are parts of her that remain untouchable, and God, do I want to touch…

Thing is, I also want another woman, too; a woman who drives me as insane as Roxie does but is her polar opposite in every way—Eden. Something doesn’t add up here, though. I know those eyes, I’ve seen them before. I’ll figure this mystery out if it’s the last thing I do. 

***Marked by Sin is a dark romance with suspense, BDSM, and duality, and deals with sensitive topics that may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.***


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Shanna Swenson