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Vacation With My Husband's Boss

By Evie Dawn

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This book was previously published as "Vacation With My Husband's Boss: Cheating Wife Caught" by Evie Dawn. The current edition has undergone extensive editing, and although many parts from the original have been retained, they have been modified and reworked to better align with the author’s new vision.
My marriage? A stale. My sex life? In ruins. My husband? Utterly useless.

While Jason is fawning all over me, calling me “his lovely wife,” my thoughts are flying toward Zayn, his boss, the one who actually makes me feel saucy and alive, sexy and desired.

My lover is everything my husband is not - confident, arrogant, dominant and hot-as-hell, he's had me on my hands and knees from the moment I met him.

We're off on a filthy escapade where I plan on letting him use every one of my holes, including the ones my husband never had the chance to enjoy.

My fun might be ruined, however, when my husband greets me at the door, saying we need to talk.

Have I been caught?

This story is an extra spicy cheating wife romantic erotica, with a remorseless slutty wife, a dominant alpha male and no pregnancy. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This book is for adults only.


Book Length: 0-60 Pages