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See Me After Class

By Ajme Williams

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Three things on my revenge/detective masterplan:
1. Find out who killed my father
2. Complete my medical residency with flying colors
3. NOT fall in love with the three drop dead gorgeous murder suspects

When my adoptive father died, I started a residency at the prestigious Oswald Institute. I have an ulterior motive beside my education - I want to uncover the truth about my father’s death.

It all starts with a list of three names. Three men who want me to stop looking… and start submitting.

There’s John, a charming psychologist… Viktor, an enigmatic, mega-smart doctor… And of course Leon, a charismatic heart surgeon.

At first, I blamed them for everything… but as tensions rise and the heat sizzles, I quickly realize there’s no resisting the three silver foxes who rule Oswald.

Especially not when all three of them want me…


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages


Ajme Williams