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Freeuse Valentine

By April Cross

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After a filthy, whirlwind Valentine's Day they'll never forget, Willow and Mike face the future of their relationship.

Overwhelmed by our deep connection, I'm at a crossroads. Does Mike really love me, or am I just a plaything to him? Does it even matter? He thrills me with everything he does, but can I overcome my doubts to embrace the love I deeply crave?

Willow has become my everything, igniting feelings I thought were lost. I'm prepared to give her the world, hoping she'll see my sincerity and our potential for a shared future... one where I'll do whatever it takes to give her exactly what she craves, being my freeuse toy.

As they weigh their desires against their fears, Willow and Mike confront the ultimate question: Are they ready to risk everything for happiness together?

This is book 4 of a multi-part romantic erotica series. It includes an older man and a younger woman, BDSM with the D/s elements, and degradation.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages


April Cross