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By Kris Kassady

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Izzy and Ramon both live quiet lives, avoiding attention wherever they can. They are living just outside the law, and keep to themselves as much as possible.
Then a mutual friend sets them up, and everything changes...
Izzy owns Essential Junk, a second-hand store in an industrial district warehouse, a front that covers for her shady side business. Petite and plain, she tends to her businesses in overalls. Guys aren’t paying attention to her, and she wants to keep it that way.

Until, that is, a mutual friend introduces Ramon. Dark, scarred, and mysterious, Ramon pushes all Izzy’s buttons. A former gymnast and dancer, Ramon also has a private side business he'd rather keep a secret.

When Ramon invites Izzy to go dancing, they can't keep their hands off each other, and the tango gets even hotter after the music stops.

But, Ramon’s life on the dark side is seriously dangerous, and his latest venture is his riskiest yet. Can Izzy handle Ramon’s edgy private world?

Are these two destined for trouble with the law? Or might there be more tangoes for these dark-side free spirits?

If you like spicy contemporary romance with plenty of heat and a guaranteed HEA, you’ll love Izzy. This novella is perfect for a cozy one-sitting read on your favorite couch. Heat up your day with a Kris Kassady Steamy Romance.

Readers love Izzy by Kris Kassady
“Izzy is a delightful character.”

“Great short erotic read.”

“ . . . I loved the characters.”

“. . . a short story I could finish in one sitting.”

“Our heroine has her secrets reserved for those in the know. Enter our hero who wants to know all about them.”

“. . . a short erotic story with a touch of mystery.”

“. . . a great balance between sexy and sweet.”

“The story line will keep you enthralled right to the very last page.”


Book Length: 60-150 Pages


Kris Kassady