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Brothers Unholy

By Author Nastee

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Syncere(Syn), Tyrian(Tyrant), and Malicio(Malice) are brothers who escaped slavery in the 1700’s. Determined to steer clear of trouble, they lived in the woods, tending to only one another, until Syncere stumbled upon what he thought was a holy miracle—a man by the name of Jasper Rich…

Jasper promised Syncere a new life, vengeance upon those who kept him and his brothers prisoner, and a life that he could not have imagined.

He only wanted one thing in return—their souls.

They traded their souls for unholy powers, and when angered, they loosed their wicked nature upon the earth. For centuries, they’ve wrought justice upon the unjustly, until Syncere was stabbed in the heart, rendering him powerless.

His brothers buried him, hoping that with enough rest, his immortal soul would repair itself. 100 years later, Syncere has returned because someone woke him from his slumber, and he’s desperate to find the woman who would disturb his grave and wake him with her blood.

He will not rest until he rids himself of the incessant thoughts of his savioress, but what will a modern woman who knows about his secret thing?

Amionette was running for her life when she stumbled upon Syncere's grave. She took a tumble, and bled nearly to death in the cemetery until a mysterious stranger saves her life, giving her a second chance. Amionette is carrying a secret, that she hoped to quite literally take with her to her grave, and if she isn't careful, she'll be 6 feet under ground before her time. While Amionette runs from one threat, she faces the truth of another.

Amionette is caught between life and death, and she has no idea where her path will lead. But, if it's up to Syncere, he will have her, claim her, and even drain her...

Brothers Unholy is the 1st book in the Deadly Brothers Paranormal Romance book series.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages