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For His Pleasure Trilogy

By Denise Brienne

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Book 1 - 10 Things Men Think During Sex


Imagine this: You’re in bed with the man of your dreams. He’s doing all the naughty things that make your toes curl and your heart pound. The moment he slides inside you is something you have dreamed of for many months. But when you look up into those gorgeous eyes, he seems a little – distracted? Distant? His body is there but his mind is – elsewhere?

How can that be? Isn’t he just as into this amazing lovemaking as you are?

Here’s the truth: Yes, he’s into it. But he’s also thinking about something else!

The fact is that women are simply wired different than men when it comes to the emotional aspect of sex. You might be completely in the moment and entirely enamored with him. But what puts you “in the moment” is not the same as what HE considered “in the moment.” In fact, you might be very surprised by the wide variety of thoughts that flash through his head even as he is having awesome sex with you.

Thinking about different things during sex isn’t unusual. In fact, you might have done it yourself. Come on, admit it – there have been times when your mind wandered at the most inopportune moment. It doesn’t mean that he’s not into you, and it doesn’t mean that he isn’t enjoying the sex with you. But it does mean that you now have an opportunity!

An opportunity? You bet! When you understand what your man might be thinking during sex, you can help him actually enjoy sex more. So without further ado, let’s talk about what goes through his mind when he closes his eyes or gives you that blank look – and then we’ll talk about how you can use that to your advantage for a happier, healthier sexual relationship.

Book 2 - 10 Things To Do To A Naked Man


The time has come. You’ve got him right where you want him. He’s clothed in nothing – absolutely nothing – but perhaps some candlelight, or the water from the shower, or shadows. He’s as naked as the day he was born but so much more mature now, a strong and virile man ready for whatever you might want to do to him…

So what DO you want to do to him?

It’s nice to think about what you might do to him when you get all those pesky clothes off, but the truth is that you can easily get tongue-tied and uncertain when he’s standing there in front of you in nothing but birthday suit glory. Even the most capable woman can get a little nervous when faced with a naked man!

Think of his body as a canvas for your own desires, a place where you can make your mark with your voice, your touch, your gaze and even your very breath. His body is a playground and YOU are the only one who knows where the secret parts are. You can play to your heart’s content and finish up with your playground only when you are ready to – and it is always available to you to come back for more!

If you had an unlimited playground of fun to have, a canvas that is open to your every whim, a man who will do whatever you please – what will YOU do with him?

These ten tips can help you get started. You can use all ten, one at a time, or combine them into a hot and steamy night. Or you can use them as a starting place for your own sexy desires. Whatever the case may be, WE can help you get started – then YOU can have the time of your life with a naked man!

Book 3 - 10 Ways To Seduce A Man


So you want to seduce a man.

Maybe you simply want to walk into a bar and get the attention of the hottest guy in the place. Maybe you want to head to the dance club and shake your stuff with a dozen different eligible men. Perhaps you’re in the mood to seduce your boyfriend into the hottest sex you have ever had, or maybe you want to shake things up with your husband. Either way, the rules of seduction remain the same whether you have been married for ten years or smiling at each other for all of ten minutes.

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Denise Brienne