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Protect Me Not

By M.L. Jameson

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The Chief Financial Officer of the non-profit Cerise Thacker runs has been cooking her financial books. The DA fears the CFO’s deep family roots will come after her, particularly after the CFO states he will “see to her death.” So, Cerise is whisked away in a Yellow Cab into a short-term police protection program to keep her safe.

The cabbie? Isaac Walker, undercover cop. For the duration, Isaac will be her protector, even though Cerise doesn’t want protection.

Cerise and Isaac are not strangers. In a different world, far away from their regularly scheduled lives, they shared a role play encounter—neither of them revealing who they were or their real names. Now they are thrust together in a situation of extreme danger, passion, and trust.

A situation in which Isaac must remain in control at all costs, even though he so desperately wants to give up all control to Cerise. And Cerise must obey, doing everything Isaac says to the letter, even though her entire being screams out to turn the tables on him.

That is, if they want to get out of this thing alive.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages