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The Switching Hour: A Halloween Reverse Harem Romance

By Krista Wolf

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Being trapped under house arrest in a haunted Victorian seems like a Halloween nightmare. But not when Silvana's got three VERY sizzling locals to keep her company...

Inheriting my great-grandfather's mansion seemed like the perfect escape from my troubled past, especially since I could renovate while under house arrest. But when I left warm, sunny Miami for a cold house deep in the New Hampshire wilderness? I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Enter Cyrus, the leather-clad, motorcycle-riding loner who just so happens to have contracting experience. Between his piercing ice blue eyes and those of his broad-shouldered, just-as-gorgeous friend Nolan, the sheriff's deputy, the two of them are willing to take turns keeping me in line.

Then there's Hudson, spiritualist and amateur ghost-hunter, the third friend to round out their hot little trio. With jet black hair and dark, glimmering eyes, I find myself melting into a puddle whenever I'm around him. Or any of them, really. But especially when all three are with me at once.

It's all fun and games until my past shows up to drag me back into trouble, which was bound to happen. And the old Victorian my great-grandfather built holds secrets of its own, some of which are as fascinating as they are terrifying.

Can a girl find love wearing an ankle-monitor with a radius three beautiful hunks wide? Or am I doomed to spend Halloween in my haunted house in the darkened wood all alone?

THE SWITCHING HOUR is a full-length reverse harem Halloween romance filled tons of tricks and treats and autumn-style goodness. If you like cozy new adult holiday romance and jaunts through the woods at midnight? You just found your favorite new RH story. HEA Guaranteed!


ISBN: 979-8750074518

Book Length: 150-320 Pages