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Fighting Lady Jayne (Divinity Warriors Book 2)

By Michelle M. Pillow

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"It is in me to run and it is in you to capture."

Alternate Reality/Parallel Universe Romance by NYT Bestseller, Michelle M. Pillow

Jayne Hart has earned her independence by becoming Divinity Corporation’s inter-dimensional boxing champion. Life is great, until a dirty fighter knocks her unconscious and she loses everything. Now, abandoned by the corporation in an alternate reality filled with alpha male warriors and strange marriage customs, Jayne will use every weapon she has. Even if it means running from her sexy new “husband” and spending the rest of her life in a primitive forest.

Ronen of Firewall longs for a woman to warm his bed and his home, but he had no intention of choosing a bride. In an unprecedented move, one chooses him. Never in the history of the marriage ceremony has a woman dared to lay claim. How can he resist the alluring Lady Jayne? She’s confident and sure in her decision to be with him—until their wedding night when she’s nowhere to be found. But, Ronen is not one to shy from a battle. He will find Jayne and, when he does, he will do everything he can to tame the heart of his wayward wife.

What critics are saying...

5 Stars! "Favorite quote and it also sums up their courtship, Jayne to Ronen. 'It is in me to run and it is in you to capture.'" - Jeep Diva Reviews

4.5 Stars! "Ms. Pillow again gifts us with a strong and capable woman who shows determination in her decisions to follow her heart and her mind by loving the sexy and devoted man who has claimed her. This series is an example of true love at first sight between courageous women and the warrior men who love them." - Bitten by Books

4.5 Nymphs! "Michelle M. Pillow's characters are full of wit, charm, and sensual qualities. ... recommend Fighting Lady Jayne to those who enjoy knights who know how to treat their woman and the woman who keep them on their toes." - Literary Nymphs Review

Alternate Reality, Alternate History, Parallel Universe, Portal Travel
Science Fiction Warrior Alpha Male Romance 
Divinity Warriors Series
Part of the Divinity Universe

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Michelle M. Pillow