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Undertakers Inc. The Necromancer's Love

By JC Compton

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Life in Rouen continues peacefully after the departure of Lan, Shen, and Joe. Tim and Cyril are happy with their little clan and decide to adopt a young gorgon they found in the streets. But Fiona is not ready to accept such a dangerous demon in her home. She fires Tim after he disobeys her, and he, Cyril, and little Desie find themselves homeless. Needing to provide for his family, Tim becomes a Freemason and experiences new feelings for his coworker that endanger his marriage. As a Freemason, he also learns that this city belongs to Belial, attorney by day and overseer of all demons by night. Little does he know that Fiona has hired him to protect her against Heath Thompson!
In America, Lan and Shen's honeymoon plans aren't going so smoothly. Between unfair immigration laws, gangs, and Joe's new infatuation for a mysterious blue-eyed vampire dancer, it's anything but a honeymoon! Still depressed over Elise's death, Joe finally moves on and accepts these new feelings for a man, but Andre hesitates to reveal to him that he is actually transgender. Still, nothing can break the bond they have already formed, not even another necromancer's challenge. After adventures that take them from New York to New Orleans and Houston, Joe proposes after being with Andre only for a week, and they become blood mates. But their honeymoon is interrupted by the sudden visit of Belial, who needs their help fighting Heath Thompson back in France…

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