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Fading Flashes

By Sanhita Mukherjee

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Fading Flashes is more than a dozen flash fiction in a bunch.

The contemporary world meets history in most of these stories. Yet all of the stories have been told in one thousand words or less.

The stories have very opinionated characters, mostly female, young and old, alive and dead. Yet all of them are of different tastes, shades, times and locales. 

If you love to laugh even in the midst of shivers of a science fiction or through the arguments of an aging woman about philosophy then Fading Flashes is for you. If you enjoy emotions to emerge from the most unexpected imageries, then Fading Flashes would entertain you to your satisfaction. 

READ Fading Flashes now for free to discover intertwined past and present of the humans and to be thrilled by their uncanny resemblances.

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Sanhita Mukherjee