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Swords & Cell Phones

By Tracy A. Ball

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Lord of the Rings meets Clueless for an adventure with attitude.

A werewolf is wooing Imani. Jalen doesn't know what a Jodian is, but he's it. Annora and Honor are married-without their consent-to beings from another realm. Maldonus captured Travon. And there are no cell phone chargers anywhere.

The Lossmans have problems.

Trill must protect his brother's murderer. Loathel's immortality is a curse upon the evanescent he has joined. If Medrid does not stop Maldonus, it could be bad. If he does, it might be worse. And abject evil is waiting to be unleashed.

According to the Mayadalians, the Lossmans don't have problems; they are a problem.

...One Lossman in particular.

Swords & Cell Phones is a culture clash on all fronts as otherworldly warriors and modern teens join forces to stop evil and redefine family time.

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ISBN: ‎ 1684339804

Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Tracy A. Ball