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Taking Hearts

By Dante Vereen

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Set in a world beyond earth and on the cusp of paradise, what kicks off as a story of a heartbroken human boy soon quickly becomes a battle for hearts and souls as two opposing sides clash, counting down to the opening of paradise.
Alex faces the danger of becoming heartless after his breakup with his college girlfriend Kim. He however encounters a group of men who call themselves the Heart takers in his quest to get over his heartbreak.
He barely got comfortable with the fact that there was a world different from the one he used to be in before getting acquired when he heard of the existence of the Soul takers. It was bad enough that there was a group of people called Heart takers, add Soul takers to the equation and Alex started to wonder how he ended up where he was.
He would gladly have taken his heartbreak over all of the weird things currently happening in his life.
A series of twists and turns, attacks, battles, and lives lost, shaped Alex's journey as he later becomes ostracized from his original group and becomes a member of another group who refers to themselves as ‘Special Heart Takers with unique abilities’. Alex is even more confused as this group of men welcomed him to their team and reveals to him that he is also a Special Heart Taker with unique abilities.
Alex finds his world spinning around him as he tries to fit into this new world and understand what exactly his role was and how the whole journey was going to pan out.
In the midst of all this is a mystery woman who features prominently in Alex’s dreams. Who is she? What does she want from him? Where had he known her before? All of these questions only made Alex more determined to get the answers he deserved.
In a world where the heart is a currency and also the key to entering paradise, it’s up to Alex to find a way to navigate the turbulent waters, help the Heart Takers conquer their age-long enemies, the Soul Takers, and figure out all the mystery surrounding him and the new world.

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