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Herlot of Alonia: A Medieval Fantasy Series (The Herlot of Alonia Series Book 1)

By Maria Rosestone

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Experience a heroine's journey through magic, battle, and ancient secrets in HERLOT OF ALONIA, the first book in a medieval fantasy series.

In the small village of Alonia, tucked away in the kingdom of Eraska, a baby girl named Herlot is born into the world beneath a full moon and a grove of willow trees. Herlot is healthy and clearly touched by magic, which forever marks her as an outsider. The people of Alonia worry that the strange events that surround Herlot mean she is a bad omen, but Herlot learns to rely on her imagination and makes new friends, like the unicorn Devotio, folding herself into the magical world around her.

“No matter what happens, the stars can see you....You’re never alone.”

Just as Herlot turns eighteen and has found her place in her village, the kingdom of Eraska is invaded by the evil King Felix--a man willing to perform unspeakable acts in his search for a source of power to conquer all. It is time for Herlot to find her voice, embrace her magic, and save her people.


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Book Length: 320-650 Pages