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Teost, Bathed in Dragonfire (Tales of Zersha Book 4)

By Jonathan Bowles

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Teost Bathed in Dragonfire is part of the Low Fantasy Series "Tales of Zersha" and is the Fourth story of the collection.
If you start anywhere you should start with "Boar of Astor".

The year is 315 in the calendar of Zersha.

Teost, the capital of Bern, relaxes into the start of Autumn.

Kito Hikaze, an Ex-Captain of the Great Expedition with a troubled past on the deep waves, talks with the Lord of Teost over the Festival of Tredinai.
His passion for the ocean still drives him onto its choppy waters.
But his true Adventure on the sea is about to begin.

This short-story is part of a series known as the Tales of Zersha.

And is set in a country known as Bern one of three main countries on the large island.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages