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The Fate Weaver Collection (Full Series)

By Erin Lynn

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Lexi Balefire wears many hats, and only one of them is pointy.

As the last of her line, she’s the current keeper of the Balefire, an ancient flame that brings magic to all witches. It’s a job that requires a certain amount of power, and Lexi’s only talent, a knack for matchmaking isn’t enough.

When Lexi finally comes into her full power, she discovers a family secret that turns everything she ever knew about herself upside down. Her gift for matchmaking isn’t just a knack, it’s a direct inheritance from the father she never knew, and not the only thing he handed down to her.

Follow Lexi as she uses the gifts from both sides of her family to fight a deranged demi-goddess bent on revenge and learns whether or not love really conquers all.

This omnibus includes the entire Fate Weaver series.

A Match Made in Spell

All Spell is Breaking Loose

To Spell & Back

No Chance In Spell

Spell Hath No Fury

A Cold Day In Spell

Heaven or Spell

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Book Length: 650+ Pages