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Avenging Love: Trinitarian Knights Collection Book One

By Kevin Mansoor

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Have you ever wondered what it takes for a hero to falter? Sometimes heroes aren't very heroic... Sometimes heroes fail...

David had always been a protector, long before he discovered his true identity. But what happens when a guardian fails the one they love the most? He stood as a guardian for those unable to protect themselves, a constant force in the unending struggle between good and evil, striving for equilibrium. He rescued countless souls, yet, tragically, he couldn't rescue the love of his life. His failure haunted him.

For three years, he drowned his sorrows in the depths of an alley, stubbornly ignoring the painful truth echoing in his heart. But can a man lost in the shadows ever find his way back to the light? As the numbing embrace of the tequila loses its grip...

What could possibly awaken a slumbering warrior with a broken heart? A question emerges: Can the enigmatic two-thousand-year-old Emma or the Archangel Michael rouse David from his slumber in time?

Is redemption possible for a soul shrouded in darkness? Join David alongside his battle companion Saint Bernard, Duke, as they embark on an odyssey of loss, guilt, and the possibility of redemption. While the shroud of darkness over David's soul slowly dissipates, an unwinnable battle looms ahead. Can David and Duke find justice for their loss? To achieve this, they must confront the...

very gates of Hell with them?

"Avenging Love" serves as the inaugural novel in the international best-selling trilogy: the Trinitarian Knights Collection. It brims with high-octane action sequences, a poignant undercurrent of love, endearing supporting characters who will win your heart, and a devilishly conceited Satan who may even have you in fits of laughter. Will you dare to embark on this journey? Without a doubt, "Avenging Love" is a literary essential that will keep you on the edge of your seat, asking for more.

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages