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The Orcusinian, Books 1-4 of the Age of Magic Series

By Rex Jameson

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USA Today bestselling author Rex Jameson's The Orcusinian Boxed Set includes books 1-4 in the epic fantasy series The Age of Magic.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Surdel, where three demon lords fight for a new plane of existence on the world of Nirendia. A goat-headed terror named Orcus breaks free from the underworld, and the only hope for this medieval kingdom is an assortment of anti-heroes including an accidental necromancer, a dark-allied paladin, a cursed dark elf prince, a chaotic sorceress, dragons, blood-crazed wood elves, and a demon lord with questionable motives.

This ebook boxed set includes:

The People's Necromancer
The Dark Paladin
The Dragon Prince
The Red Poet

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ISBN: 9780998938691

Book Length: 650+ Pages

Rex Jameson