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Feral Instincts (Inner Beast Series Book 1)

By Stephanie Storm

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An innocent
mortal—who dies before living. A devoted alpha—who lives for others. Can they
overcome centuries of hatred to follow their hearts?


life is on a slow train to nowhere. After a tragic loss, she delays pursuing
her dreams, not knowing a psychotic vampire plans to steal her future. Too late,
she’s rescued by a tantalizing beast, not that she can judge, since Ava’s the
one who’s bloodthirsty.


determined to make his legendary father proud. Despite his reservations, the
future packmaster agrees to help the vampires track a killer to secure their
alliance. Saving an irresistible newborn wasn’t part of his plans.


the vampire clan leader uses Ava as bait to capture her sire, Teagan must control
his protective urges or put his pack at risk. Should Ava give into her hunger for
her tempting hero, she’ll destroy both of their futures.


Can Ava
and Teagan resist their attraction while saving innocents from a ruthless
killer and his devastating drug? Or will the hunters become the hunted?

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