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Princess of Prias

By Courtney Davis

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When Elle is presented with every orphan's dream, finding out she's actually a princess, she isn't sure if she should join the hulking sexy man, Locan, on a spaceship ride, or run screaming from the room because he's obviously nuts. If it weren't for the strange things she'd recently encountered, like suddenly gaining star shaped birthmarks and a bracelet that once belonged to her mother lighting up with an eerie green light, she would be out of there already. She has enough questions she wants answered to stay and find out, taking his hand and embarking on a journey across the darkness of space. He says she needs to save their people from her evil uncle. She wants to know where she comes from, who her mother was, and why she never fit in on earth. The path to their home planet isn't without its bumps. Saving aliens, and earthlings while evading her uncle's men and dodging the pushy goddesses who want to tell them all what to do. Elle has to learn who she really wants to be and to help Locan become the warrior he was meant to be.

Can she be what the rebels need? Can Locan trust the beast that lives inside of him? Will the people of Prias once again have a princess on the throne to rule their utopian society?

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages