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Knight of the Broken Table

By D.H. Aire

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On a distant planet ruled by an
edict against technology, the Knights of the Order of the Broken Table serve in
the Knights Tower and protect the impoverished kingdom of Lasdrah. Its people have no reason
to believe in legends of humanity descending from the stars, but they do credit the legends that only
the knights can protect them from what lies in the Forbidden Lands at the edge
of the kingdom.

Harold’s the last knight of the Order. His
King thinks little of him. After all, nothing much has happened in years. Then word
comes that a dragon’s been reported and the King orders Sir Harold to
investigate. There is more to this dragon than meets the eye—and the kingdom’s
enemies, two expanding empires, one who spurns the edict and the other which does not, have plans for Lasdrah
and the few remaining kingdoms in the west.

Sir Harold holds the key to defending the kingdom—but first
he must deal with a steam powered dragon and do his best to defend the Knights Tower... which is more than it seems.

Welcome to D.H. Aire's Knights Tower Series.

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D.H. Aire