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The Story of The Harlequin: A Chronicle of Sinister Encounters, Unknown Visitors, and corresponding Occult Unexplained Mysteries

By Steph Young

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In 1981 five-year-old Dan Mitchell began experiencing strange night time encounters with an androgyne being that called itself the Tooth Fairy. The slender entity, having large eyes and wearing strange clothing, did not speak audibly but communicated by lithe, acrobatic movements and intuitively communicated messages. Though the experiences would begin innocently enough, they would eventually become more disturbing and complex as he grew older. No longer an innocent tooth-fairy, the entity would take on a more aggressive and violent form which Mitchell would describe as being Harlequin-esque.

As the newspapers across the country would show, 1981 was an auspicious year for anomalous events of this nature. In and around Boston, Massachusetts the phantom clown phenomenon began and along with it age-old stories of missing and murdered children.

This 2-volume work documents a 35-year narrative of strangeness and the corresponding lore that is associated with similar encounters that exist on the fringe of human perception.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages