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A Farewell to Woodmyst: The Woodmyst Chronicles Book X

By Robert E Kreig

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This is the great and final battle between the Kayl'sro and the Maji.

Alice, a young girl, a dragon rider and a fierce leader, sacrifices all and everything to free her people from the threat of tyrannical oppression from Takmel, a power-hungry warlock who controls his followers through fear.

Life, Death, Earth and Sky unite to overthrow darkness.

Fire will rain from above.

Swords will clash.

Blood will flow.

Many will fall, and the dead shall rise.

​A Farewell to Woodmyst is the tenth and concluding book of The Woodmyst Chronicles, filled with action, adventure and terror.

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ISBN: 9780645384611

Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Robert E Kreig