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Plead More, Bodymore

By Ian Kirkpatrick

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Everything's an insult when your soul is bankrupt.

Joey and Wayland may have returned to Baltimore after their deaths, but things are not the same through eyes tainted by death. The city seems darker, the graffiti louder, and a meltdown is only a hair-trigger away. Joey's ready for everything to go back to normal, but that might not be possible when every time she's around Wayland, he's dripping with someone's freshly spilled blood. Meanwhile, Jag's losing his patience with Joey's preference for her serial killer best friend.

Desperate to keep her life together in a somewhat recognizable way, Joey discovers that a local medium might have a way to calm the regret-fueled rage that plagues both her and Wayland, driving them both further out of control with each passing day. In hopes of a return to normal, she sets out to ask the authorities of the afterlife to grant her and Wayland a real second chance.

The ravens stalking her promise that if she doesn't move quickly, she may lose everything she cares about. With a past and a future that can't compromise, tragedy doesn't spare the indecisive.

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Book Length: 320-650 Pages

Ian Kirkpatrick