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The Lancashire Witches

By William Harrison Ainsworth

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The classic Victorian novel of romance and an unholy feud reaching across generations, based on the Lancashire witch trials of 1612.

Widely considered to be a masterpiece of nineteenth–century gothic literature, William Ainsworth’s The Lancashire Witches begins in 1536 with a fateful confrontation atop the notorious Pendle Hill. Falsely accused of witchcraft and condemned to death, Nicholas Demdike sold his soul to Satan in exchange for his escape and revenge. But even as he sees his rival executed, Demdike’s daughter is cursed to be a witch and a mother to witches.

Many years later, Mother Demdike is feared throughout Lancashire for her dark powers. Her innocent granddaughter Alizon is determined to draw the Demdike family back to the church. But as Alizon falls in love and the secret of her birth is revealed, a conflict among rival witches leaves her fate hanging in the balance, until their cursed fate once again returns them all to Pendle Hill.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages