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Dire Threat

By C.P. Rider

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An Urban Fantasy Romance NOVELLA

Siren Emmaline Spirett thought she'd escaped her violent past when she rescued her wolf-shifter brother and fled a deadly paranormal organization. But when her past not only resurfaces but snatches her off the street and holds her against her will, she realizes it might not be so far behind her after all.

Wolf shifter Juan Martinez is the alpha leader of Texas's largest and oldest pack. Intelligent, protective, and controlling, he's faced down more than one murderous paranormal group. But, while he's not the sort to go looking for trouble, he never backs down when it comes looking for him—or his people.

Emmaline's brother Noah is one of his people. However, Emmaline is not. She has no intention of remaining in Austin and even less intention of joining his pack.
So why is he moving heaven and earth to find her?

If you enjoy urban fantasy with slow-burn romance, fast-paced action, and impertinent magicals, consider picking up a copy of DIRE THREAT, Book 1 of The Austin Wolves Series.

Please note: This is a long NOVELLA. Book 2 will be a full-length novel.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages