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A Dragon of Turicum

By C. R. Bracher

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Magic Fades
A Prince Battles
An Ancient Enemy Awakens
It has been more than a hundred years since the Night Mother vanished with a host of Deiran warriors. Eldred, heir to the Deiran throne, races to manifest the Bond—the greatest of the Night Mother’s gifts—before he reaches the age of ascension. Failure will cost him everything. Trouble in the distant north presents an opportunity for honor. Eldred’s ability to decipher the mysteries of the Wretcheds—a discarded people of the Night Mother—could spell the difference between victory and death.

Booklife Reviews
Bracher crafts a rich mythology of medieval life, cultural differences, and a message of tolerance, expertly weaving social commentary and thoughtful characterization, addressing the harm of discrimination in various forms.
The first book in the Heirs of Regula series, A Dragon of Turicum offers a rugged world, vivid descriptions of combat, imaginative religion, magic, and cultures like the Wretcheds, and the welcome message that heroes can have many roles.
Takeaway: Fantasy fans will enjoy this brash young hero battling a dragon, testing his abilities, and finding his place.
Great for fans of: Melanie Rawn, David Farland.

Foreword Clarion Reviews 4/5
A Dragon of Turicum is a fantastical coming-of-age story in which a prince contends with deception, bravery, sacrifice, and unfounded prejudices.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages