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Magica: Book 1 Rise of the Cult A Paranormal Family Thriller

By E.S. Magill

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Introducing a game changer to the Urban Fantasy genre — the Paranormal Family Thriller.

Urban Fantasy’s grown up. Now it’s got bills to pay and kids to raise. And you thought fighting evil was hard.

In this gripping and suspenseful Paranormal Family Thriller, readers are introduced to Maggie Towne, the Magica, the most powerful witch in the world and the guardian of Magic itself. Juggling the responsibilities of raising her large family and protecting the Witch World isn’t a walk in the park. Maggie's suffered through the murder of her husband and youngest child two years earlier. And just when she thinks she and her children can move on and be happy, trouble comes knocking at her door.

On a stormy night a desperate stranger arrives at Maggie's doorstep seeking protection from a fanatical cult. Esther Goode, a rogue witch, and the cult are both determined to seize what they believe is rightfully theirs, and in doing so they unleash unimaginable evil. With her children's lives at stake, Maggie must confront the rogue witch and the cult, using all the power at her disposal to protect her family and the world of Magic.

Teaming up with a contingent of powerful witch allies, as well as the tenacious Detective Benson Scott, Maggie embarks on a harrowing journey to stop the rogue witch and cult. But as secrets unravel and betrayals mount, Maggie’s family and the fate of Magic itself hang in the balance. Will Maggie Towne succeed in stopping the encroaching darkness, or will she be forced to watch as her family and everything she holds dear are torn apart forever?

With a captivating exploration of the power of family and the resilience of the human spirit, Magica will take readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, magic, and heart-stopping moments of danger.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages