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The Deception of Fear: Trinitarian Knights Collection: Book Two

By Kevin Mansoor

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★★★★★ FAN. TASTIC!!!! Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2023

I loved this series so far!!! Counting down the days to Book 3! Wish there were going to be more than just 3 tho! 10000% recommend!

★★★★★ Loved it!! Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2023 Verified Purchase

Gobbled this book up in two days! Fantastic.

★★★★★ August 26, 2023

Mansoor has just gained an avid fan. I've never read anything like this book 

★★★★★ April 28, 2023

wow, my new favourite author, I found this book this morning and couldn't put it down. Never have I enjoyed a book more.

"The Deception of Fear" unfolds as the second enchanting chapter in the international best-selling Trinitarian Knights Collection, propelling us 7 years beyond the conclusion of "Avenging Love."

As shadows lengthen over their lives,

David and Sarah grapple with fresh falsehoods and a tangled tapestry of secrets that threaten to unravel the hard-won happiness they had fought for. Amidst David's surrender to fear's grasp,

the allure of his tequila refuge calls him back.

Stripped of his Knight's might, David witnesses a chilling cascade of trials befall his family, some bearing lethal consequences. Amid offers of help from old adversaries and threats from new foes, David treads a treacherous path that endangers his family as some lose faith in his leadership. Yet, from the depths of his own dread emerges an unlikely savior, embodied in the

unassuming guise of a 7-year-old girl.

As the narrative crescendos to a cliffhanger that even the author could not have foreseen, heroes falter, angels crash to Earth, and the sinister plan of Satan begins to unfurl, casting its ominous shadow over the world.


Book Length: 150-320 Pages