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Reflection's Resurrection: Lengends of the Fall

By The Archivist

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It's been three days since Irana's world shattered.

Now alone, her only hopes at piecing everything back together is to reach the heart of Astralith, a realm where mages go to create copies of themselves; homunculi servants. Yet Irana doesn't want a servant, though she desires to create a reflection.

Armed only with her arcane tattoos, her undying determination and her relic lantern -one thing that matters most to her- she will have to face her past. Reliving the haunting memory of tarnished souls trapped within a malevolent spirit's domain. The closer she gets to the catalyst's heart, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

The shadows upon the lantern grow ever darker, its flame ever dimmer, her time ever shorter.

What started with a mirror, ends with her reflection.

A Science Fantasy short story about loss and obsession. Apart of the Legends of the Fall Universe.
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Book Length: 60-150 Pages


The Archivist