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A Vengeful Realm: The Breaker of Chains - Book 2

By Tim Facciola

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New Rheynia has woken from peace’s slumber to a nightmare. Denied the nightly rains, crops fail, people divide, and revolution blooms between every crack in the kingdoms’ failing foundation. King Varros—supposedly dead. Laeden, the traitor, a fugitive. And the Uprising’s patience has ended. Following Zephyrus’s open defiance of the crown, war has come

And no one will emerge unscathed.

While Danella directs Damascus to finish the war her father started, Laeden frees gladiator slaves to raise an army against them. With New Rheynia burning, Vykinallia, a prisoner of the Uprising, attempts to prove herself more valuable than a king’s ransom. And Iylea, after skirting death to become a servant in the divine realm, learns of a treacherous plot amongst the Gods with Zephyrus at the center of it all. Now, with the aid of Iylea in the divine realm and Laeden in the mortal, Zephyrus must claim the lost relics of long dead Gods if he has any chance of facing the Traitor God and breaking the chains that bind all of humanity. But plans are in place…

The Age of the End is coming.
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Book Length: 320-650 Pages