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Protecting Love : Trinitarian Knights Collection Book One Point Five

By Kevin Mansoor

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Dare to delve into the heart of mystery with "Protecting Love", where a scroll of secrets is revealed amidst the echoes of battle within a monastery's ancient walls. Encounter David, not as you know him, but as an earlier incarnation—a warrior bound by honor, alongside his stalwart ally, El Duko. Their mission? To shield a mysterious young girl and entrust an arcane scroll to a waiting monk.

"Protecting Love" transports you to the turbulent backdrop of World War II Europe, revealing a rugged David, tormented by nightmares and cornered by the sinister Saraphiss. Will David yield to the dark bargain for his heart's dark vengeance, even as it demands a price as vast as his soul? Amidst this turmoil, a young girl's fate teeters on the edge, tethered to the scroll's enigmatic destiny.

In the secluded serenity of the Italian Alps, Emma and her celestial allies face the looming shadows of uncertainty. As demonic forces gather, the stage is set for a confrontation where loyalties are tested, and futures are forged.

Will David succumb to the dark allure of Saraphiss's promise, finding solace in a devil's deal? Or will a surprising savior step forth, willing to pay the ultimate price for protection?

Embark on a journey with "Protecting Love", a tale that interlaces fate, dreams, and sacrifice into the grand saga of the Trinitarian Knights. Uncover the depths of devotion and the price of redemption in this enthralling narrative that promises an odyssey of heart, heroism, and the harrowing battle between light and darkness.

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Book Length: 60-150 Pages