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RISE of the CHOSEN: The Black Awakening

By T.A.C Wilson

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An unexpected prophecy, a church-going family, and occult magic working in the background.

To the unsuspecting, the Star family is a normal, everyday family. They have regular jobs and lead unremarkable, mundane lives.

However, the Stars are far superior. They are part of a secret culture that practices sorcery and is preparing behind closed doors for a new world order.

Dawn and his family were born with great magical powers, but tread a delicate line between revealing their true nature and blending into a society that would fear and misunderstand their powers.

But as the world falls into greater discord, a prophecy is revealed. The looming Black Awakening manifests with supernatural and extraterrestrial forces colliding, threatening to plunge the world into unprecedented chaos.

Amidst this brewing storm, Dawn Star uncovers the truth of his identity and his profound connection to the deity Lucifer. With this revelation comes a startling destiny.

As the world teeters on the brink of collapse, the time approaches for Dawn to show the world the true might and goodness of Lucifer, and to protect his people from what is to come.

Can Dawn rise to fulfill his destiny and steer the world away from the chaos of the Black Awakening? Or will his efforts unravel in the face of insurmountable darkness? In a story where sorcery, prophecy, and divinity collide, Dawn Star’s hidden life and true identity become the world’s last beacon of hope.

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ISBN: 979-8-9891565-5-9

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

T.A.C Wilson