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Hoodwinked in Hotlanta

By Elizabeth Jensen

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From award-winning author Elizabeth R. Jensen comes a gripping story laced with fantastical thrills and ominous danger.

Upon discovering a box of journals, Elyse Hutchinson finds herself haunted by thoughts of her family. She knows little more about them than they were horse ranchers, like her, dating back over one hundred years long before the virus changed the whole world.

Elyse meets Josh on a blind date. Yet their encounter is far from a coincidence. As a double agent for The FBI and the anti-government organization Hellfire and Chaos, Josh's loyalty will be tested when both have a particular interest in Elyse and the magical talents she is rumored to have. Duty requires he turn her over to them. However, the feelings the pair have developed for each other have him ready to protect her at all costs.

Can Elyse find the truth about her ancestry in time to save them both? Or will Josh be forced into a betrayal that will ruin their lives and chance at happiness forever?


ISBN: 9798988597131

Book Length: 320-650 Pages