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A Measure of Rhyme

By Lloyd Jeffries

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An Explosive Tale of Love and Survival.

Rhyme Carter has a problem—she’s married to the Antichrist.
But her heart belongs to another man.
A man she deserted to the clutches of the Devil himself.

Emery Merrick wakes in a hospital to find the woman he loves betrayed him. Swept away on a drug-fueled tsunami of madness and mayhem, he plummets further into addiction, misery, and the machinations of immortal madmen.

But Rhyme has plans of her own. Plans to thwart her evil husband and reclaim her life.

From visionary award-winning author, Lloyd Jeffries, A Measure of Rhyme continues the epic saga of a secret society’s quest to dominate the world, fulfill prophecy, and offer the Earth as a sacrifice to a bloodthirsty God. The sequel to A Portion of Malice, it’s the second installment in the spellbinding Ages of Malice series.

As Mankind races toward the apocalypse, can a former librarian overcome staggering odds to save the planet—and the man she loves—from certain destruction?

Don’t miss the epic you won’t soon forget!

Gold Award, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2024 (Religious/Spiritual Fiction)
Silver Award, Feathered Quill Book Awards 2024 (Mystery/Suspense)
Bronze Award, Reader Views Book Awards (Thriller/Suspense)
BookLife Elite
Semi-finalist, 9.5 BookLife Prize by Publisher's Weekly - "Heart-pounding...readers will not want to put it down...beautifully written"
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ISBN: 979-8-9855269-4-3

Book Length: 150-320 Pages