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Queen of the Blood Throne

By Rhiannon Hargadon

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Petty thief Malinda Castan cares about one thing: saving enough money to leave the Nightingale, a house of cutpurses and unsavory characters, so that she can have a normal life. She lives under one rule: reciprocity - a life for a life, favor for favor. So when the Prince of Darkness saves her from being killed, and offers her one last job that will pay more than she could earn in a lifetime, she says yes not only for the money... but because she owes him.

The Prince of Darkness is fire and ice. Cunning, and willing to do whatever it takes, he only wants one thing: the Eternal Slumber, the mask of Death. A prisoner in his own castle, the Prince of Darkness has been learning dark magic as a way to protect himself and his people from the cruelty of their Queen... with limited success.
To steal the mask, she’ll pose as his betrothed, even while suspecting him of lying about his motivations and his past.
To save her own life, she’ll master dark magic and make deals with multiple Gods.
And to save him, she’ll stake her most precious possession: her heart.


Book Length: 320-650 Pages