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Empire: The Complete Collection

By Tim Goff

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Revised Edition!
Like Lovecraft wrote Game of Thrones!
Winning the demon war was the easy part. Rebuilding the Empire is a nightmare.

Wealthy commoner Tia Samos ventures across the tottering Solarian Empire to find a highborn husband. She is accompanied by her maid and personal minstrel Rebecca, her knightly protector Sir Peter Cortez, and Kyle, a veteran with a knack for magic, searching for a place in a nation they no longer recognize.

Their quest for a new tomorrow takes them from decimated estates to decadent palaces to teeming metropolises on the brink of anarchy to realms far beyond the Empire. They contend with murderous monsters, magicians good and bad, dishonorable knights, arrogant aristocrats, restless commoners, and scheming priests.

Worse, though, the demons are still out there, whispering forbidden secrets in Tia’s dreams and plotting acts of mayhem.

The Complete Collection includes –
Empire: Country
Empire: Capital
Empire: Estate
Empire: Metropolis
Empire: Spiral
Empire: Judgment
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ISBN: 9798224737017

Book Length: 650+ Pages