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By Krista Wallace

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A three-year-old girl walks out of a cornfield into a tiny farming village…

There is no clue to how she got there, and she speaks a language that baffles even the village mages. Is she a witch? The result of a wizard's errant spell? By the time she starts school she is already an outcast, and her temper doesn’t help her make friends. The other children bully her relentlessly.

When she buys a sword, a local swordmaster recognises her natural talent and offers to train her in an elite method. He soon sees in her more than just talent: she has a gift. She is driven to master the techniques and be the best swordfighter she can be, to stand up to her tormentors. Ultimately, she is determined to leave the village to find out who put her there.


Book Length: 60-150 Pages